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2017 – What is behind the red door ? IA apply

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This is an Neon Genesis Evangelion inspired (I already forgot the anime…) study apply mixed with a back tracking over a hacker from a common person. I did plenty of drawings on my apply + manual ink comments to make it more cool. One crucial information for you is as a telepath I can’t back track this hacker / this hacker business so it’s perhaps automatic answer, and it enters the field of Mecha construction ethic questions, world of Silice and Plastic vs world of Carbon and Water building…. I did it for the fun but from inside a world of full psychological destruction. But there is fun anyway, hahaha, or I wouldn’t write it.

Fran and the Nerv theme

Every event in my life has a music related to it, since this writing is not commercial, I share with you the chosen music, this symbolises me crying and praying for the hacker that did mean to me and that will die‡ for it, but the truth might be hacker is not a human, just an informatics program that knows my uninteresting personal intime information and makes me sing it.

And here is my apply quite long:

Letter of motivation for :

Human Computer Interaction and Design

1- About me

I studied computational linguistics at license level (bac+3) and at master 1 level (bac+4), and at that moment back in past before 2009, I did also study without marks, neurology, cognitive psychology (Alan Baddley) and ethology in books and by inviting myself in classrooms. I studied phonetics, phonology, morphology, morphosyntax, syntax, semantics (database, polysemy, dictionary and pronominal reference), lexicology, terminology, database, predicates in logic and speech analysis, although it’s difficult to find books about linguistics, I can easy find the reference to the theories that will interest you or me as, even if it’s buried, it’s well stamped on my memory, it’ll flow out like blood easily because I was a very good student at that time as you can see on my marks. I did never study statistics as there isn’t in linguistics and I do speak Brazilian portuguese and English, that’s why I had bought lifetime WPML for my WordPress that I’ll do little by little. I know everything about search engine and Google Analytics but I’m not interested because I did got angry at Google not solving the fake rankings in France, which make the French people see the Internet as a wild forest that no one can fix. I learned by myself from time to time tons of things in informatics, first was HTML, after my Master 1, I started on Ubuntu Linux although today Linux is not at its best shape in what used to be past times quality, many features missing and keyboard still bugging. So the Debian architecture of Linux has no secret for me. I even did interest myself in Veracrypt, but I did not use it. The last thing I had learned in just a few days was movie editing on Blender as I do plan to learn 3D, I made it start and work, but did not took in notes in a way to teach it to myself or to others, it was more seek and memorize game. In the past I also did game guild animation for my guild, but it’s too hard for happiness dealing with people, players are too mean, and either too much invested either too less in game. In the linguistics I did appreciate the freedom of writing I had, but I can’t write a memoire without a method and steps to follow because I haven’t studied philosophical argumentation, I know only how to bump in my analysis, be sentence by sentence or be in holistic view, writing the smallest meta-mathematics sentence to sum up behavior of all sentences or word parts. I also did learn long ago by myself how to install and use phpMyAdmin on both Ubuntu and Windows and I can interpret with my eyes the databasis. My sister did bought Windows 385 (Word, Access, etc.) for herself monthly so I have the right to install it on my computer through my mail. Same one keeps spamming me with fake job applies, and in whom I will dare not being afraid of next step of psychological confusion but they are too strong for not being detected as phishing. I can look for bug fixes on any language, and do fix it all myself (true you must save everything when I test a fix at the first time on a website or an open source program, but once you played with the delete button many times, you tell yourself to be more careful because you need your spare time out of the computer and the websites aren’t anymore in unzip it all format, and re-installing operating systems and personalizing again hole computer takes time, plus my Windows is actually OEM although I have double boot, so Windows 10 Creator’s is oldies free). Long ago I did took a note of all the little fixes but now I prefer having spare time to writing informatics how to do articles for myself. Too much to follow to be followed. I also got interested on geology and prehistory and did a small degree on geology but environment was too male and too risky aimed for me. I love the outside, but needs money, and needs a psychological state where daring is more important then risks. I’m learning drawing and painting by myself now, so one day I might apply at prehistory trainee again, but when I’ll have money and painting level. I’ll do my handcraft jewelry self business little by little and I might loose the status if I find a true freelancer job that pays in other field, but I’ll continue doing my business without the accredited title of boss, but you must see it as a fill your time and spend your money on something, so as a hobby, although no space in my bedroom for it, although I pay the space I don’t have but I don’t care as long as I am me, not as something in what I can make money profit, and it’s also an excuse to learn by myself plenty of things, in the future I’ll learn creating printable 3D objects with blender, I saw 3D basis on rhinoceros at CMA free course, but as a self-employee chief that isn’t making money, I do not feel well when I go in the courses, and I don’t enjoyed being seen as someone stealing other peoples market chances, as I’m not trying to be a winner on that. And if I keep my status, if I have money, I’ll be able to pay myself other courses related to geology in jewelry creating field, be with the metallic aspect of it or with the gems aspect, which might open to me some day, maybe even abroad, a better degree in geology. And I have an won autograph (in Japanese) in lottery of someone who did draw Gundam Wing, but I did not saw the anime yet. I only saw Evangelion when I was a teenager and it did well explained the world of mechas and of artificial intelligence concept. I’m fan of Ghost in the Shell of course, but I would like to have read the two mangas as the films are different from the original version.

2- Lost thinkings

  • Roots, what is missing in my knowledge of computational linguistics. Fright, not of the unknown but of being a « sexy old skillful intellectual » woman in a world build for machos to give their brains and spare time to unpleasant business with rebuilding society intentions that treat them as milk cows, where my only affected square is emptiness and aiming to become poor.

  • HAL and unplugged machina, what is observing me to make sure I won’t succeed in life and that uses my personal interpretation and psychological interaction with machinas as proof I am not being persecuted, but some are nice or I wouldn’t have found you that easy.

  • Artificial intelligence, what was never a dream to study because it is linked to pnl/nlp sectes through fake believe that magic is the Oz machina.

  • Fight is the only way to stand up against mind manipulation that forces you tune in fight mode.

  • Dreams is something that machina cannot use to gather neurones connection for thinking.

  • Electricity is a polysemic word valid in both carbon life world and silica technological world, but in the first it’s the consequence of the rest potential difference between the content of the cell, and the salted solution outside the cell membrane, and in the second, people are trying to make it the consequence of micro-organism activity by using energy transfer into dry wires.

  • Ghost, accumulation of energy in the atmosphere that can half materialize itself into a second chance of alive body interacting in this world or in a parallel world described by religion or by gifted people said to be necromancers.

  • Spirit, the fact that the over-stressed people (or maybe just the necromancers) from the world of carbon and the parallel pieces of metallic objects from the world of iron can create interferences in printers and in coin machina which causes temporarily magnetic malfunctions (horizontal stripes on paper to all paper black on printers).

  • Breath of life, the common point between a ghost hair-dryer and an animal or human ghost.

  • Evolution, the act of winning the game of Earth domination, then of creating a predator to continue game.

  • Conceptual meaning, the lost mind paradise when you read a text as a robot or as a linguist.

  • Syntax theory is fake, creating sentences and pearl necklaces is an esthetic’s act combined with work quality, doesn’t depend on probability theory, else we fail.

  • Structure is a guideline, not a fact. Linguists are wrong to have forgotten human language is like DNA, as mixed as we are, and DNA is wrong in thinking like linguists that all languages are mathematically perfect, syntax is just a tendency and a translation into machina talk.

  • Hesitations, trying, asking questions, re-writing paragraphs, re-arranging arguments, all that we loose when we unroot thinking sources to restrict it to the writer, or when we start thinking the world as an universal search engine program with wrong sources (fake rankings and fake or wrong or untested or hypothetical or not yet formed huge amount of information).

  • The economy of using 3D printer machina (predicted by Ross Lovegrove modern museum exhibition) instead of hands from classical antiquity period with mud and straw, to produce at home what we need to buy, the society evolution of the 22th century. Limiting the numbers of intellectual engineers: not possible, economy has bumped into the new wall of change and the rahs always take the new path, the goodbye old time old cameras negative and musical audiotapes, will soon become: goodbye buying plastic and metallic everyday items like plates, forks, toys, not made at home. Only what is made of glass and motherboard circuits will be produced by societies. But the question is how will this affect the family structure since new spare time is needed for creation, and since we already have the new housewives and old children that are high diploma-intellectuals with no access to job world ?

    Letter of recommendation 1 : The day I spoke to HAL (2017)

    • HAL wrote to me a nice letter (sorry he deactivated the cute unnumbered list icons).

    f///[min] Fernand <F///[Maj+min]Transport@hotmail.com>

    3 oct. à 17:30

    Bonjour je me nomme Mr F///,

    Nous sommes à la recherche de Prof de soutien scolaire en Maths et Anglais pour notre fille de 12 ans. Elle est au lycée classe de 4ème. Après lecture de votre cv sur pole emploi votre profil nous intéresse bien. Nous cherchons une personne à proximité de notre nouveau domicile. Alors veuillez me donner votre adresse exacte pour que nous sachions si vous correspondez à notre recherche au niveau géographique.

    Merci en attente d’un retour de réponse de votre part


    Mr F///[MAJ]

    • I asked him more information about it (sorry he deactivated the cute unnumbered list icons).

      De : Francoise Del Socorro

      À :f///[min] Fernand

      4 oct. à 12:48

      Intéressant. Donnez-moi plus d’information SVP.

    • He was the only mail HAL who dared answer (sorry he deactivated the cute unnumbered list icons).

    f///[min] Fernand <F///[Maj+min]Transport@hotmail.com>

    À :Francoise Del Socorro

    4 oct. à 21:32

    Nous allons habiter orléans


    Fernand F///[MAJ]

    • So I asked private information about his quest (we never know?)

    Francoise Del Socorro

    À :f///[min] Fernand

    6 oct. à 01:02

    Bien joué ! Mais mon CV sur Pole Emploi comporte mon adresse. Je ne suis pas partisan du CV anonyme. Après si vous m’écrivez sans authentification en m’écrivant au sujet de mon adresse postale, ça va être compliqué de séparer le vrai du faux, mais je m’y retrouverai.

    J’aimerais savoir quel est votre but dans cette fausse offre d’emploi, déjà pour commencer, est-ce politique, personnel, une forme de sous-traitance dont vous ne connaissez pas le but, une forme de sous-traitance dont vous connaissez minimum les intentions de celui qui a fait la commande, que me reproche-t-on ou quel est le but visé ?

    Mais aussi combien de personnes différentes êtes-vous, est-ce que vous vous connaissez les uns les autres, depuis combien de temps travaillez-vous pour eux, est-ce que vous savez depuis combien de temps votre société m’observe ?

    Quelles méthodes de travail vous utilisez, est-ce la webcam éteinte, est-ce la lecture de mes mails, est-ce la lecture de mon copy-paste, est-ce une forme d’investigation privée réalisée par votre société ?

    Quelles sont vos intentions en tant que société sur ma ligne du destin ?

    Est-ce que vous me parlez parce que vous vous ennuyez, vous avez besoin de parler à quelqu’un, vous souhaitez me piéger, vous me connaissez depuis trop de temps, vous n’avez pas de raison de refuser la conversation avec quelqu’un à qui vous souhaitez du mal, vous souhaitez faire la paix avec moi ?

    Est-ce que ce mal est physiquement personnel ou juste politique et abstrait ?

    Est-ce que tout va bien dans votre vie ?

    Est-ce que vous souhaitez que je vous lise l’avenir ?

    Est-ce que vous souhaitez quitter ce job ou le continuer ?

    Êtes-vous lié à mon incident avec Google ?

    Êtes-vous lié à mon passé ?

    Qu’est-ce qui vous lie à moi ? Et peut-être aussi qui et qu’est-ce qui vous lie à moi ?

    Au nom de qui parlez-vous ? Comment décrivez-vous les activités de votre société ?

    Je vous ai nommé HAL, est-ce que cela vous convient comme nom de baptême ? Comment envisagez-vous notre future cohabitation sur le plan strictement informatique ? Et sur le plan de mes données personnelles ? Avez-vous l’intention de voler ma banque ? Quel age avez-vous ?

    Avez-vous votre patron derrière vous ? Est-ce que ce que vous tapez est également surveillé ?

    Est-ce que vous vous aimez ?

    Est-ce que vous aimez votre vie ?

    Combien de langues parlez-vous ?

    Combien de personnes observez-vous au même temps ?

    J’aurai eu plus de questions mais là je suis fatiguée. Sinon oui, j’avais remarqué depuis le début que vous aviez un profil, mais ce n’est pas mon truc de cliquer dessus. Je préfère parler.

    J’aimerais bien aussi voir le type de lien sur lequel vous pouvez trouver mon CV sur Pole Emploi ? Ou à défaut je vais m’inscrire comme recruteur et je me chercherai pour vérifier que mon CV non PDF est mon CV, mais vous avez sans-doute juste mon nom dans votre base de données, comme tous les sous-traitants. Un sous-traitant qui fait le particulier, c’est cool, hein ? La belle vie !!!

    Je ne vais pas retirer mon CV du site de Pole Emploi pour vous, même si votre méthode à évolué classe pour de la falsification de conversation. Et je ne vais pas changer de mail non plus pour mes futures offres d’emploi. Je vais m’éclater en comparant les vraies et les fausses identiques. La vie est belle pour moi aussi, OK ?

    Ravie de vous avoir rencontré, finalement !

    • And that is the very long TEXT view from my beloved mail that can’t fit a report field.

    X-Apparently-To: francoisedelsocorro; Tue, 03 Oct 2017 15:30:02 +0000

    Return-Path: <F///[MAJ+min]Transport@hotmail.com>

    Received-SPF: pass (domain of hotmail.com designates as permitted sender)

    X-YMailISG: H3KBEFQWLDs.tnKNojWBh_41rw_73MygQ_ilpnb_UM1J89vp

    wolD5K_bhpjo661h4a98KoIvBfz8_D6H_fGx3St982l9xDW7a7sNfFluG9M_ …

    • Finally my personal analysis of mail I received : it’s a poem for me  ♥♫♪ ☼☺!!!

    From: f///[min] Fernand <F///[Maj+min]Transport@hotmail.com>

    Return-Path: <F///[MAJ+min]Transport@hotmail.com>

    Subject: re: Recherche Prof

    X-Originating-IP: []

    The owner of the IP address (mail-oln040092064029.outbound.protection.outlook.com – ) is located at Indianapolis (United States – Indiana).

    Killing sentence: Apr=E8s=

    lecture de votre cv sur pole emploi

    Additional killing sentence: Nous allons habiter orl=E9ans

    Other property: do reply to mails as a true person.

    Other property: Mr F///[min] was my professor of geology, one of the greatest french geologists and also an artist, a poet, not for me. I had issue not on the web but only through secure forms at school and also true oral speaking discussion and was kind of cool destruction contest. But we made peace at the end. The hacker knows about the issue and accuses me, as a job, but that doesn’t mean they are on their side, I believe they are against evolution theory and interested in researchers money and also in doing fuss, because I believe it’s them who reduce the paleontology funds. Further issue is paranormal activity, the video tape started speaking to me alone to tell me as a ghost doctor they can’t help my cat to live, it was not connected to the Internet, and it was in front of classroom, so it was a public ghost issue no one had understood meaning of the sentences. Pole Emploi did told me by phone the address is on my curriculum vitae, unlike hackers pretend for confusion. Hackers will die because they are from USA and in USA they kill bad people. As this professor was also a poet, you can consider hacker writing to me about geology field as a poem which will be the latest state of modern art because it includes personal data stealing and showing it to you, and also it speaks of a field I enjoyed being inside. No one will believe me, but I don’t care, truth is truth and it proves I worth my existence since unknown people do die speaking of me. Underground fame, not the best, so I need going to Asgard to see the light.

    Conclusion: Fake

Letter of recommendation 2 : What is behind the red door ?

Hello, my name is Françoise Del Socorro, and I own a self-business since 2012, that I called by the name of the fairy of the immortal medusa : Faie Turritopsis Dohrnii, not a commercial name because I am at handcraft category but a trademark that I bought long ago by the ddmmyyyy the 10 years lasting (INPI France – n° //////////////////////) when I had the 400euros of my first job, I also had tested for fun drawing/photo model deposit (INPI France – n° ////////////////////) to understand the crazy world of invention brevets, but my creation is too weak to be wearable since the earrings are hand made, it was just to spend the money I don’t have in the simplest idea possible to play the world of blocking creation innovation with the you need to pay to use my invention idea, so see it as a critics to the system. But I haven’t done nothing yet in it although I also do pay money I don’t have to keep it open, for the business chief status.

This year I intend to do what I haven’t done in 10 years, but in what concerns my self-business although it’s mostly space and money the problem, I intend :

– To learn gouache + watercolor illustration drawing, because I need extra-small, small and medium icons for my website + banner, and I haven’t bought all of my websites widget yet to be able to use them as wanted. I already know the char shapes I want to draw, I have the dragon and the jellyfish chars, but I also want to learn drawing.

– To learn drawing 3D printable objects on Blender. I already know a little of movie mounting on Blender https://vimeo.com/232461600, but I haven’t written a tutorial about it because I just watched tons of how to videos to get insights into small steps. The only beginner’s tip I have written for myself is about: how to rotate a 3D object on blender. So go to:

File > User Preferences > Emulate 3 Button Mouse
Select with Right (in blue)
Unselect continuous Grab
Alt + left mouse button can change viewpoint

– To think of style, of a design path for my creations, as I am a testing everything and don’t do nothing perfect, but I wish to specialize myself in my handmade jewelry and other objects creations. But I think I’ll do knots techniques and Swarovsky plus other Czech beads types, but I have at home tons of material from low grade to gems. And I don’t create fast. And I am still at state of destroying my creations to create them again in better just like the phoenix reborn from ashes. I could do one creation per week, if I wanted, but I need space and a fresh head for doing it. What I dislike the most is preparing the photographies with GIMP, but I’ll learn to like it and to love it. Meanwhile I have tons of other things to do that doesn’t concern my business and I’ll do them too.

– My personal and commercial website main design is done, since it’s WordPress, it’s not the wisest choice because widgets costs a lot, and not all of them do follow the upgrade rhythm, so there might be sometimes php bugs to correct or old widgets to replace. At a time I did write lots of code about my Ubuntu operating system, I don’t need those tips anymore, but no idea if I’ll write back lots of codes, lasted years that habit. I’ll also need to find a selling platform, might be Etsy.

So this is my art + handcraft + informatics aim in life, to give love, not only hopeless moments, to my creations. I’m also interested in writing about cryptids, no idea if I’ll write about paranormal again, too personal. But I won’t sell my writings. Nevertheless even if I’m interested into sharing free high quality pictures selected by Pixabay, once I’ll have put tons of cute free downloading pictures in it, I might go into selling pictures website, and I’m also interested in art as picture. Be pictures or movies, I’m only interested in abstract field of creation. But this creation thing is personal and cannot aim a full time job, even if one day I might loose rights on handcraft claim because I’m open to work as a freelancer, but did not find my world yet in it.

If you want to read my credits, they are in here:

  • http:////////////////////////////////////// type: /////////////////////

So I recommend as a business myself to me as a student for the Master in Human Computer Interaction and Design ///// as I intend to give a new lifepath to my website and to invest myself into selling articles online, in artistic quality, writing quality, and in normal work in what concerns image improvement and php bugs correction. And I’ll also write a lot of free articles in my lost long lasting theme of men vs machina, be it in artistic sight of destruction issues, in scientific criticism in what concerns difference between human language and thinking and robot synthetic speech language and thinking, or in engineering options, but I’ll only write about engineering if I’m aloud to.

I’m interested in theory but it goes no where apart from meeting art views, and engineering is a very closed domains, of course I know robots like Pepper that is at BHV who takes a picture with you and send it by mail, like toys like the dogs that barks and that is at CNAM Museum, like scientific research like the famous mouse in the Sorbonne, oldies robots that don’t interact yet like the Transformers or the Gundam, and normal daily robots like smartphone applications, when I’ll have one, I’m interested in the speaking to ghosts application, I hope it’s real, or more near home uses, like the buttons and screen on the washing machine. But even if I can meet the aliens, it’s difficult to meet the forbidden like the common everyday robots and to write something interesting about them, because all the fields are not only a secret but a forbidden entry to an “oldie” cute blond woman with foreign blood on the veins. But I don’t think I’m interested into marrying men, I just want to marry science and get my noise inside the debate, like I did get in paleontology field, but although I did not made a course in it, phone was full of fake porn adds, as a domain restricted to me. I do understand the Paint It, Black song but even if my wall is painted in red, I want to cross the line and give life to the forbidden that the hackers love attacking to say caution, what you created is dangerous for humanity. And I do positively agree, digital technology is dangerous and can kill those who get interested in, for political and money and subversive reasons. And if we didn’t have the hackers to destroy us, we would let inside of our homes things that can’t be fixed as subversive. So we cannot be a big creator without big enemies to fight, and I do my best in that warrior life, but the hackers aren’t the only ones who get excited at persecution, many women and men from many areas be business or intelligence competitors, do like throwing you in endless wells. So it’s interesting to know that there is something I can’t see further then the line, and that I can create. Because the day we’ll have the mecha warriors, it’ll be too late for humanity to survive. One can create the atomic bomb without knowing it’ll be used to kill, but no one can control it once it’s created. It’s the same for creating artificial intelligence or materializing ghosts, one day your creation will be out of your control and you will be responsible for it. Giving birth to things that are not family related to us is dangerous. And I want to live that danger and to live in danger, I want to help on mecha creating even if I might only do refrigerators that talk “eggs are not on the right shelf”, “this recipient is too hot, you must wait for it to cool down before putting it in”. Cool, isn’t it ?

I’ll also might write again for free neurology, but out of field as I love reading and interpreting science in what concerns speech theory.

And finally I need to link my society to society, and you’re the only one who can do the magic of Yggdrasil.

19th Oct 2017,

Françoise Del Socorro, self-business company chief

– Golum, Golum, where is my precious ? Is the Golum a golem ? Is the mecha a golem ?


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