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2018 – 25+ – Rooting my 1 GB phone

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Age restriction: above 25y/o.

This memo is for me, not for you, so don’t follow it. Don’t try rooting expensive phones, only cheap phones because risk of make it not work is high and each phone is like each computer for double boot, its reaction is personal and unexpected, what works for one does not work for the other. Furthermore, although my Samsung had no future upgrade available, Samsung does not upgrade flashed phones. All this experiment needs 3 full days off to succeed.

This is a personal post from me to myself, but I won’t put details about my android phone =) And I did tell Samsung I was going to root my phone, they said guarantee won’t stay but no problem, I take the risk.

Hello, I’ve been watching lots of youtube videos. For to do the best quality root, you must do it yourself, many methods available but most do poor rooting so you can’t install APKs on SD Card and win 15GB minus the space left for your pictures let’s say 7.5 – 7.5GB, instead of only 1 GB internal memory.

Interest is space, but also to be able to secure Facebook and Yahoo better for only 1 profile the best way and also have Windows and Google writable documents apps installed with sync. What might be lost is What’s Up App because you can’t re-install it many times (I’ll try do reset firmware for it). Also need to uninstall all APK because no idea if this rooting thing uses memory and I don’t have memory. So do take note of name and icon aspect of your Google Play Apps. Important is also, be rooted or not rooted (some apps undo root), to have a nice Firewall you can trust on phone to protect yourself from watchers and whatever evil hackers that do persecution on phone by listening to you. Some Apps can block camera from watching you, but I think Firewall is enough.

First you must check what PDA (AP) and CSC your phone has inside and then find a good firmware re-selling website (I decided not to quote) to buy those (only once is enough) to be sure it’s exactly the same. And not to try every method that exists and anything new. I’ll try Odin, needs the Odin version your firmare re-seller advises. I think it’s better to buy identical firmware then to download a virus. Country of the firmware is not important if your phone was bought on the internet with a bill because I noticed cheap new or almost new phone can come from anywhere, it’s just a language selection matter, that’s why you need the CSC for not to download wrong firmware and for to have high chances of success. If fail, then phone won’t work till you find right firmware. You can say root phone or flash phone, but it’s root+flash all in one.

To check what PDA (AP) and CSC, phone call (on many Samsung devices, same as if you call someone):


No idea if it’ll be usefull, but Samsung website has released official USB drivers for all Samsung phones, so better install those to enhance PC connexion with your phone. http://developer.samsung.com/galaxy/others/android-usb-driver-for-windows (March 2018 link). Add compatibility layer with actual Windows (Windows Vista programs will become compatible with Windows 10) with right click and then install (not the compatibility test) the drivers. Samsung drivers were installed.

Now listing my applications for re-install. You must have 1- their password 2- them linked from inside, not only from outside to Google Play and Facebook so to recover game or app level or personal advancement and saved things. Also do save pictures if you did any.

Final Fantasy XV – uninstall (with Noctis logo)

Gallery (with orange logo and 2 mountains and a sun in white)

Norton clean (yellow around and withe and black balai/brush inside)

NoRoot Data Firewall (cyan blue with white inside)

WhatsApp (white around with white phone and green speak bubble)

All were uninstalled.

Connect Samsung to PC and save all pictures to Windows. You need Gallery (from Samsung) enabled for it to show the pics (in mine).

Add compatibility layer to Odin with phone connected (don’t use it in test mode, it’s Windows 8 to Windows 10 in 03-2018 try).

I did restart my computer because who knows ?

First step we’ll do hardware reset (to have more chances of being able to re-install What’s Up and because I blocked to gain internal memory most of built-in Samsung Apps (did not count but must have been over 50 Samsung and Google apps with Clear data + Force stop + Uninstall updates and I don’t know if they are required and later I might be able to update them and move them to SD Card later).

So I follow this Tutorial not mine. Anyway if it dissapears it’ll b written down.

(video quoted – Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 S7710 hard reset)

Disconnect phone from computer.

Power-off phone.

Volume up + Home button + Power button.

Volume down till wipe data/factory reset  + Power button as enter

Volume down till Yes — delete all user data + Power button as enter

reboot system now + Power button as enter

OK wait till it shows the Welcome + language selector (aka till true restart). I won’t select language now, as I’ll have to root it with Odin =)

So we’ll follow this video, but my suggestion is you find a website where to buy once for 1 time or 1 week or 1 month your right Firmware + Odin and not to download it from this video not mine as it may not be exactly same PDA(AP)+CSC and as less chance to get a virus. And good if they can support you in case of trouble.

Video quoted: How to root Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 GT-S7710

So even if this video not mine dissapears in future, you’ll have tutorial here:

Unplug + Power off.

Volume down + Home button + Power button. (Notice this time it’s volume down, it’s called download mode).

Volume Up. (To continue. Downloading… appears, maybe means waiting for uploading =) )

Close all Windows application that could eat memory.

For safety firewall reasons cut the internet (no Wifi, no Ethernet) first then the Firewall for no interference.

Plug-in phone with USB cable to the computer + run Odin (as admin in Win 10).

Ticked in Options: Auto-reboot and F-reset time.

Click: PDA/AP it’s second line button and add/open the .tar.md5 file.

Wait even if it doesn’t appear.

Once PDA ticked with address does appear, click on Start button.

Wait till it finishes. Do never interrupt because it is same then OS install/upgrade in computer. It’ll then reboot the phone. Many noises in computer telling it’s USB ON/OFF.

Exit Odin.

Re-put in Safe mode computer Firewall + re-activate Ethernet/Wifi.

You must safely unplug, if you don’t have the phone in the task bar device for eject, remove it from top small USB, just after you can remove the big USB near computer.

That was my first informatics applied to technology personal use. After double boot, but double boot is from inside to inside, and this is from inside to outside. Also double boot in OEM devices is also tricky, that’s why no one but yourself can try either root phone either double boot computer. Because if other people try and fails, machina can be GAME OVER. So it’s called personal enhance of technology we had bought but that wasn’t the best but that we made it better then the ones more expensive then ours =)

Those pics are mine to show success with Odin =)

Now for the installation, I recommend install SIM card after all menus are done as it sends passwords and passwords only shows a few seconds on new device before it’s settled down.

Do menus. Shut down. Put SIM Card. Awake phone.

Put Wi-Fi ON and untill you get Firewall to manage which uses what, Mobile data OFF.

Google Play. Left. Settings. Do not auto-update Apps. Install Link2SD.

Phone. Settings. Application Manager. Apps. Manually uninstall updates =)

Need to partition SD Card in half Fat32 and less then half EXT4 for Link2SD application to work.

Aparted apk is not compatible with my phone so I’ll have to use any Windows app partition tool. Did found Partition Wizard, but any tool will do as long as you select your SD Card and NOT Windows, LOL…

Shut down phone. Remove gentle right way SD card (if you remove it wrong way, it can breake by tssss). Insert SD Card in computer. It’s called removable Broadcom SD SCSI.

So as usual (same when you do a double boot…):

Delete all partitions from SD Card.

Create 8 GB FAT32 partition called PHOTOS.

Create 6.75 GB EXT4 partition called Link2SD.


Wait and do not use your computer while it’s doing a partition to avoid errors.

For to safely remove eject SD Card and most devices from computer, I have installed HotSwap! – works with SD Card but not with phone connected to fast USB port.

Insert SD Card inside phone.

Enter Link2SD app… will it or will it not have extra 6 GB ?

Select the file system of your SD card’s second partition

/dev/block/mmcblk1p2 it’ll be ext4 as written on it =)

Error: Mount script could not be created, not allowed to su.

So we need to do the extra root, can be with free SuperSu or with paid phone root softwares, go for: SuperSu official website

And download Recovery Flashable.zip

The Google App is just for after root not for before. And if SuperSu succeeds or not, it stays in device, it can’t be deleted. But no problem, high chance SuperSu can complete well Odin that already did big work in rooting phone.

Didn’t find a good video yet.

Then connect phone to computer and put the SuperSu.zip in the SD Card FAT32 PHOTO partition side. The EXT4 partition side is invisible for Windows who still haven’t created visibility compatibility on middle 2018.

Shut down phone. Disconnect in little USB side near phone.

Volume up + Home button + Power button.

Apply update from external storage (move with volume down).

Enter with Power button.

SuperSu-version.zip (move with volume down + enter with power button).

Error: Failed to verify whole-file signature. Signature verification failed.

choose ../ + choose reboot system

Let’s try another way:

Settings > Turn ON Developper’s option (if not available, tap 7x on Build Number) > Developer Options > USB debugging enabled

Security > Unknown sources allowed (allow installation of apps from other sources then Google Play) this must be done ONLY for SuperSu

Try downloading new and old SuperSu versions, I can’t directly to SD Card so I’ll cut paste. And before it, delete the ones that don’t work. Try everything again. Will need change method if it doesn’t work. I need also to succeed Eject phone from task bar icon without it saying still in use. I’ll close browrser too.

Root Checker Basic tells this error: Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device. So tomorrow I’ll try again re-do Odin steps with USB debugging and allow install from Unknown sources.

Day 2.

Apparently you need to install Kies (Official Samsung Software) on your computer too: http://www.samsung.com/fr/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/

Add compatibility layer. Cancel setup. Run setup as administrator.

I’ll re-do Odin with Unknown sources allowed + USB debugging and with KIES and Samsung official drivers too in the phone.

KIES can’t be installed as apparently it has configuration errors inside. Not a problem. As my computer recognizes my phone.

Then when it’ll restart, I’ll try Mozilla browser so to save supersu.zip into external storage without moving it as the fact that I couldn’t eject phone might have something to do with the SuperSu signature not working. Or could be other browser, one that allows destination. Or a cut paste from inside phone from Dowbloads to external SD Card with a phone nautilus/explorer whatever. No idea if the install from cache option does know what I did download in it recently. But I think re-do everything then only do try on SuperSu will be the best.

Odin 3 done. The 1st eject device safely worked.

All my APS stayed and no need re-install all from inside again =)

Downloaded Firefox browser. Typed: http://www.supersu.com/download  and downloaded Flashable.

Went to All files > sdcard0 >Download. Ticked SuperSu.zip. Choosed Move. Created new folder called SuperSu from inside in extSdCard. Moved it (with Move here) to new folder.

Shut down phone. Phone was already disconnected as we did a move from inside to SDCard.

Volume up + Home button + Power button.

Apply update from external storage (move with volume down).

Enter with Power button.

SuperSu-version.zip (move with volume down + enter with power button).

Error: Failed to verify whole-file signature. Signature verification failed.

choose ../ + choose reboot system

Delete al files inside phone.

Looking for a solution… And opened a topic on SuperSu Help me now!  Forum.

I saw a solution in a Youtube Video (half of it), it’s not about SuperSu, it’s about the error, you must disable Signature verification before try install it from inside phone.

Video quoted not mine:

Video quoted: Tutorial: fix the issue E: signature verification failed / root Samsung Tab 2 GT-P5110 or 5113

So :

Mozilla Firefox download (optional) > http://www.supersu.com/download > Recovery Flashable

Apps > My files > sdcard0 > Download > Tick SuperSu-version.zip > 3 bars on top right > Move

extSdCard > SuperSu > Move here

Application manager  > make some space alike clear data +uninstall Mozilla Firefox temporarily, idem for Google Play Games, News, other options. But not for important files, just 2-3 is OK.

Security: allow install from unknown Sources

Developer options ON (appears if you type 7 times build number or after system was flashed) : USB debugging (even if we won’t use it now since we did inside to SDCard)

Security and Development options was to be done before Odin, not after.

Shut down phone. Phone was already disconnected.

Volume up + Home button + Power button.

Apply update from external storage (move with volume down).

Enter with Power button.

I don’t have toggle signature verification line :/

Will try signing .zip with a tutorial myself.


Command Prompt/Invite de Commandes

Install: OpenSSL or PGP https://www.openssl.org/   or http://ppgp.sourceforge.net/

Let’s try PGP. PPGP comments says needs to install JCE software also: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jce8-download-2133166.html

Maybe needs to install JRE too so to read .jar files : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre10-downloads-4417026.html

Comment says to install JCE: ” download jce_policy-8.zip Unzip and place it into …/jre/lib/security/

wrong – I suppose it means move unzip content to here: C:\Program Files\Java\jre-10\lib\security\UnlimitedJCEPolicyJDK8

Now for the PGP install. No problem the bother before as it will install all the missing components so I didn’t install JCE right as it has not seen it.

Check: This is new time I use PGP, please generate my whatever (was Public Private key +-)

Complete the fields to Generate a new ElGamal Key pair. (it’s a key no need to search): Name, e-mail, comment, passphrase, again.

Sign > Sign a file > Browse  >  Find SuperSu-flashable.zip in your computer

Enter your passphrase (actually it’s a password that allows you to sign your files)

Rename file, don’t keep the .zip.sig, but just rename it into .zip alike: SuperSU-official-signed.zip

Test it by copy paste to phone.

Error: Impossible to copy etc. – impossible de copier l’élément le périphérique ne répond plus déconnecté

But phone isn’t disconnected as I can copy pics and non signed zip files. OK. So it’s a security for you not to sign the zip files and for zip files not to be used if not signed. But they can’t be moved signed. -_-

Other method: installed ZipSigner APK from Google Play =)

Choose In/Out … browse back till SDCard and let me try put key in auto.

File was signed =) So I have 2 files one signed, one not signed.

It’s almost, I need a more powerfull, it did put out line:

E: failed to verify whole-file signature

but still this line stays:

E:signature verification failed

Tested lots of root android from computer free applications, none could do it. OneClickRoot maybe can, but it’s actually too expensive for me. I’ll try: 20140112_cwm- 2014-03-31 21:51 7.0M but I won’t give you the link, just search for it if you need it. So this one is for Odin.

Sucess SKOMER file from original post did only change recovery volume up menu into CWM menu where I have access to TOGGLE SIGNATURE VERIFICATION

toggle off signature verification and install SuperSu (I had the .zip everywhere on phone, lol)

and toggle back on for security purposes =)

Hehehe SuperSu installed and new recovery menu on new old flash ROM =) (no idea if it was a ROM or a Recovery Menu that I had bought but it was exactly same as before).

So those are 2 different files to keep apart =) the bought one as originals + the CWM Menu built for my phone by developpers that gave it away free =)

Make sure when you quit, click click to have:

Signature Check: Enabled


With navigation volume up/down, go to:

++++Go Back+++++

reboot system now

Enter is the Power key.

Click on Su icon.

So follow Chainfire company on Google Plus. (added as technology)

Accept grant permission from SuperSu to Link2SD

Root checker: verify root access ? Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device!

Starting to move internal not important apps to SD Card (mostly the Google ones) !!!

Then will install my game, my beloved game =)

And also a firewall and everything for security =) yey =)





Failure (Link2SD)

App2SD is not supported by your device. Because your devices has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage. You can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card.

Clear data and cache from Link2SD (Settings > Application manager > Clear data)

Select ext4

Mount script created, pleas restart your device to mount the second partition of your SD card.

If you’re getting this message after restarting, it means that the second partition cannot be mounted automatically to boot.

Reboot device

nope again:

App2SD is not supported by your device. Because your devices has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage. You can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card.

Uninstall: Link2SD
GL to SD: no space
APP2SD EASY: don’t work
APK2D : it’s not that at all

This evice doesn’t enable users moving apps to the SD card.
Usually, it’s because of the manufacture removes the function of moving apps to SD from Android, or a SD is not inserted.

I went to storage (with the colour bars) and deleted lots of things. By clicking in names.

Did format SD Card from inside.


SuperSu is too big for my phone :/ trying again Link2SD

Link2SD but then clear data and reboot without using


I also did undo USB and install from unknown whatever.
I also did settings install location: External for link2sd

/dev/block/:device not found

E (link2sd): Make sure you have two partitions on your SD and both are primary…

Checked with partition manager with SDCard inside computer.

Weird EXT4 partition was reset to nothing. So had to re-do it.

Was wondering if it could read ext4 ? If it’s 2014 old phone would rather be ext3 because ext4 is more modern, will do rather convert after ext4 into ext3.

No idea if Link2SD will work as it’s old app.

And phone can’t install GL 2 SD because it’s too big.



No idea if all this root was usefull ?




  • Google + because it bugs with link2sd
  • Gallery + Picasa Uploader: because it connects to my Google Albums and uploads my pics then it bugs for space
  • For space: ChatON + Cardio Trainer + S Suggest


  • Do never Link2sd internal application although it allows it, because then you have too much space and not enough RAM or whatever then phone stop working and you must gentle reach reset to Factory button.
  • Do Link2sd Google applications + the few applications you had space to install them on phone
  • Conclusion, you don’t really Win space if phone was already full by default programs at beginning, but the 1 game I use works better in link2sd as it has a little more RAM and HARD memory to work without lag or freeze.
  • SuperSu and Link2sd do take space for small phones that are only 1GB.
  • Disable manually most of the notifications for the apps
  • Link works on Link2SD but not Move, but Link is a partial move so it’s OK.
  • Link2sd needs EXT2 partition, does not work on EXT3 and EXT4 is no good for it. Plus I did 5 GB EXT2 for App links and 9.75 GB fat32 for Photos and Videos. Link2sd will approximately use double of your phone capacity, so even only 2.5 GB for 1 GB phone is good, as it’ll use max 2 GB. But I’m using a lot less since I mustn’t Link2sd all the default phone apps that we don’t know what it is even if it is possible, but you mustn’t.
  • I could install Facebook but no space for What’s Up, Messenger, Yahoo! mail, etc.