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2018 – Buts Aims Objetivos

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Hello, I don’t have time to do my website, although no life.

– study for having small chance to get a job, this next week will be study again, I did had forgot all geometry so I must study it also, and the french is too far away in memory too.

-study by myself music, but do not tap strong as my instrument is not best in time duration wood, already did wrote about it. I am not musician, just a do it yourself fan.

-put age in posts although nothing hurts I don’t want people to imitate anything I do without thinking, and without being able to understand it.

-put all my free research as quotes because here is not my main research quote as curious person, also re-post my marks and re-post my litterature analysis qcm about the singer

-do the 10years late tidy up of computer to try find out what the evil did delete although there was just maybe about 4 months of things in my computer and do not trow out the papers if it correspond to the missing.

-if I can’t find my passion origami learning do download hole of it again. and share what I did learn (finish to color them).

-do the dragon research (I must get a minimum level in origami as I also want to do them as origami as illustration), I also read about viking gods and I am reading Frankenstein so all that must become research.

-of course play my game on phone =)

– I’ll only do create my jewelry and post my jewelry when I’ll have some space at home, so the 10 years late tidy up is for something. First inside, long, then outside, long. I’ll post some of them on Etsy and things I don’t want elsewhere. But I need a few extra cents in bank account to use a paid website and to use post office.

-re-do the illustrations of my website.

  • If you are reading this post, I am self-business, not business, but I won’t allow comments, as in my unknown website, just the evil is interested in posting comments that are not what he is and where I can’t understand meaning because I’m not in job life. So no comments is safer. But I did succeed in doing mega mega mega definition of myself =) It’s mostly research that is important as my life is this. Jewlery creation will be my selling part, but although older then 5 years self-business, I haven’t done it yet, but it’s main aim.