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2018 – Personal path of monster music free research

Written on 16/03/2018.

Well I feel like writing in english. 2nd time I try doing somethig in life not related to * although * never gave me nothing and only tried pushing me into their books vs what they think but don’t know it is male business wars. I am very sad that the true intellectuals were replaced by * that tell lies (they lie as they breath) and guilty me of their bullshit I have nothing to do (and I don’t care about their stupid conflicts about computer must rule the world whatsoever) just because they think their * jobs is about power, even the * ones thinks like that. Also not sure if they have a connexion or not with this over 8 years hackers vs witch war (the witch is me for I have to defend myself somehow) or if it’s the * people – because they are weird and don’t like people with roots they don’t remember of – that paid lots of hackers to ennoy the ones that don’t have a job yet and that at a moment did receive very small social help in this country where breathing costs more then 180euros a month, and I only did receive social help for 2 years and was 200euros, not 700euros as they say on TV damn it! First time I did a photography expositon participation many years ago, was something new, now I applied to do a musical participation, so I had to learn how to play music by myself, that’s good but the hands get red in a few minuts and difficult to stay on same note as beginner, so needs lots of improvements for me to catch up with musician level… I am self business but this is free intellectual work.

So I have 2 free researches going on by March 2018, one about dragons for the cryptozoology forum (taking my time…) so it’s about true dragons yay. And the 2nd research is still about cryptozoology but about a litterature creature and on music field, so it’s about Mary Shelley Frankenstein novel, but the musical background only, and aim will be to follow the partition instruction I will be given by some highly important musical event in Paris if I really do participate, but I’ll go to all rehearsalls so I will participate for sure 🙂 but never mind if not, just building 2 researches. So I am learning music by myself, yay =)

Of course I won’t tell you confidential, what they’ll teach us during rehearsall (hope it is right word) because I don’t have this right at all. Just will tell you my crazy path in research that has nothing to do at all with their aim neither their idea.

Here is my YouTube professor (fantastic !!!):

  • quoted – actually it’s my YouTube tambourine – pandeiro – professor, lessons are for all as in his public YouTube. (rem: I’m not a musician but in YouTube you see fast each country or thematics plays the tambourine a different way with hands, but I did learn only his music partition way although I’m opened to anything different then what I have learned a little, but I am conscient that if hands are to be different then music partition way will not be the same, although Brazilian way is very known.)

I didn’t tell him my music project participation yet because I just begun. Yes I like beginning back doors, it’s like watching seriously as if I could judge complicated paleontology thesis at the museum and the student is afraid you might think (she/he said it all wrong) while you’re more beginner then them but they don’t know it, haha, I love human paleontology. But I didn’t study it.

I did longtime ago when I was child, maybe by 11-12yo, maybe around 1992, maybe the last year I lived at Seychelles island, together, not as important, but as being part of the only dance school of the island, together with the other dance students the opening of one of the islands Olympics Games. Was modern dance, I did learn classical dance, was a french choreographer because they like taking the french for these big people events with beginners. So I expect them to handle me… at least a little, in music field as I was helped as mass well by the choreographer when I was child. And as life is too expensive in Europe, difficult when you pay too many taxes (health, transport, phone, lots of etc. monthly) to save money to learn anything new. That’s why I choose YouTube to learn music for free =) So I am confident about scene, but not about me, lol.

I still haven’t read the book because I have other books to read first (and I am addicted to video games even if I play too few compared to past, but it still eats time, but I need it to feel a little like a winner, and mostly to have informal contact with real people as I am cut off from the world). So this is a YouTube video about Book vs Movie =)

Quoted: Books vs. Movies Review: Frankenstein (interpreters are: ET and Haberdasher)

This is an oldies music soundtrack I found in YouTube – it is nota bene –  » The original score for the classic Mel Brooks/Gene Wilder 1974 comedy, « Young Frankenstein. » This is not the official soundtrack album which was released on LP and CD (and is now out of print), but a bootleg of the isolated score itself. There are two bonus tracks at the end which are the album versions of music from the film.  » (kralcjgiarc – Ajoutée le 4 sept. 2016):

I found a nice AMV, gonna post lots of AMVs (fan of them !!!!) have nothing to do as no idea of what I will do AND I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT I WILL DO IF I DO TAKE PART OF THE SOUNDTRACK. So I’ll just post *, my beloved *:

Quoted: [AMV] Dr. Franken Stein (Soul Eater)「M A D H A T T E R」.


This video quoted is also cool:

Quoted: Young Frankenstein Power Of Ra AMV

This is one of the 1st Frankenstein movies (1910):

Quoted: FRANKENSTEIN (1910 Edison Production) HD

That’s another interpretation of the book and movies:

I haven’t seen all, just looked it out like that 🙂

That’s it going to YouTube more for myself =) HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT I WILL DO AS I HAVE JUST VERY SMALL IDEA OF WHAT I WILL DO AND IF I WILL DO SOMETHING I WON T TALK ABOUT IT. shhhhhhh shhhhhhh was just for little culture here.